Backswing Golf Lessons | Tile drill

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30 thoughts on “Backswing Golf Lessons | Tile drill

  1. Hello Mark, I just would like to say you are a great teaching professional. I live in the states near Washington DC. If you are ever in the DC area, I would love to treat you to few rounds of golf at some very nice tracks. If I send you a video of my swing would you take look at it and give me some feedback?



  2. Cheers from North Carolina. Thanks for your video's. I tend to break the angle at the beginning and bring the club too far inside. Also liked your video on the downswing.

  3. Hi just subscribed to your channel and its's great!
    Is the drill also the same with the driver? For some reason I'm really having a hard time hitting the driver, 3 wood and hybrids but can hit my irons ok. Any tips? Thanks.

  4. @mcerlean1956 The BEST drill for wrist set/backswing is Nick Faldos preset drill. Its here on youtube. Type in Faldo Preset drill. Watch and learn. Its easy and more importantly….. It Works!!!!!!!

  5. I seem to get ma back swing all good but soemtimes I think I turn ma clubface too much so as much as I am stricking the ball better I am still going right slightly. can you do a video on where your club face shouold be all the way arround the swing ?

  6. I've been watching your videos for quite a while now and everytime I watch one I get an "ah ha" moment! This helps a lot…just trying to put so many things together all at once. But this I think is something that will be a great fundamental to work on!

  7. Tnanks Mark. Great instructional videos. I've been using them as a supplement to 1 per month lessons here in the States. You really stress the fundamentals & it's helping me practice much better. I've been playing 1 1/2 years & already getting to the low 80s on a good day.

  8. Hi Mark, do you have any practice drills for a swing that becomes too flat? I seem to start outside the line and then try to bring the club back inside. The result seems to be that the club is massively laid off at the start of the downswing and even though I know i'm doing it, I just can't seem to stop it. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks – Gordon Wilson.

  9. it's funny to look back at these and compare them to the quality of video and audio you have on the current vids……they've come a long way since this was made 🙂

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