Birddog Shorts Review: Functional, Versatile and Comfortable (Even for Golf)

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Birddogs Shorts Review

I first saw Birddogs When they premiered on Shark Tank in 2018. He asked for 250k for a 1.5% stake in his running company. Gym shorts with all built-in underwear liners. "We combine the feeling of nudity with the act of a fanny pack."

They did not get the deal that day, but many people like me took notice. Their marketing strategy is a bit ridiculous and in-your-face, but in a digital world dominated by startup apparel brands, you have to find a way to stand out.

His signature gym shorts promise a comfortable, underwear-free experience with a versatile style. He has found many designs ranging from original colors to outrageous.

Birddog Gym Shorts Review
A pair of his more exotic designs

I wish they were just shorts. If any of you visit Facebook or Instagram regularly, you are targeted by a group of direct-to-consumer companies. They all claim to curb things like socks, T-shirts and other essentials. Many times, their products fall short of their claims.

After wearing Birddog for several weeks, I am impressed with their product. You can wear these when you are walking around the house, at workouts and golf courses too.

My impressions of Birddogs

Shorts are a must for me. Over the years, I have built a stockpile for every situation – for workouts, lounging, golf and casual outings. In recent years, I have honored several companies that do an excellent job of making crossover shorts. For example, I wear Boardwalkers of lincol Also on the golf course or for dinner.

While I liked the idea of ​​the versatility of Birddogs, I was a bit skeptical about one thing – I'm not a fan of built-in liners. Comfort and support is a big thing for me, and I have found that most of the rowed shorts I have purchased in the past do a poor job of providing. Usually, I have stopped finishing the liners and just put on my regular underwear. I have a bunch of 2 UNDR boxer briefs. In my opinion, they are some of the best underwear out there, so I'm very hesitant to ditch them in favor of something else.

For several weeks I wore three pairs of Birddogs pretty much everywhere – even swimming. I chose some of their more traditional colors so that they could work for different activities. I have to say that I was pleasantly surprised, and in fact, I say that I am a convert now.

Birddogs Shorts Review
Being Casual With A T-Shirt

My main hand liner was before I tried them. However, they changed my mind quickly. They are very comfortable and provide plenty of support. You feel a lot of freedom at the same time; It is almost like you are not wearing anything because the material is so light. So whether I wear them at home or play golf, I grew to enjoy that feeling.

Birddogs shorts lines
A view of the liners

I think the strongest feature of Birddogs is their design versatility. Interestingly, I received a lot of unsolicited responses. As I went with more neutral colors, people assumed there were different types of shorts depending on how they dressed. For example, I showed a haircut wearing a T-shirt and sandals, and my hairdresser asked me if I had come from the beach. When I saw them wearing a golf polo and a belt, my playing partners were unaware that they were technically gym shorts.

Birddogs Review
Do you know that these were gym shorts.

The color of khaki and navy does not overcome them. While not all of his shorts can do this, there are "chameleon" possibilities in a lot of his colors. Also, there are three insom lengths to choose from – I went with the longest option of their 9/4 option, which kept them at a distance from my knees with which I was comfortable (not a fan of short shorts).


I found the material very soft and comfortable. You can sweat them while playing golf or outside on a hot day. You can also take a dip in the pool (although they took a long time to dry). It does not seem cheap either, as it is well organized in many washes.

Finally, Birddogs also produced some subtle functionality that I liked. One thing that always bothers me a little about wearing any shorts is the weight of my phone, keys, and wallet. I keep them all in my pocket. Has two zippered pockets Birddog gym shorts, Which allow you to keep those items close to your hips.

Birddog Shark Tank
It was good that my phone was not in my front pocket

Instead of weighing the front part of the shorts, it was good to distribute the weight evenly towards my sides. Another small feature that caught my attention is that the drawstring did a better job of adjusting the tightness around my hips than I have. I found that the more weight I put into the shorts, the harder I needed string.

Bird zipper pocket

Birddogs may lack seriousness in their branding, but they have made an excellent pair of shorts that you can wear to play golf or a lot of other activities.

The trousers

Birddogs recently branching out The pants. They got many features in the form of shorts with built-in liners and extra pockets – they aim to give a chino look but with more comfort.

Birddog Gym Pants Review

For a long time, men were resigned to boring, uncomfortable pants, which was never right. Now it seems that 50+ companies with performance work clothes are looking to solve this problem. Over the years, I have focused more on these designs because I do not like traditional work pants. I am a pair of myself Ron commuter pants Which I have worn at golf courses and even worn them in more traditional work attire.

Birddogs pants review
My wife said my butt looks good, you be the judge

My favorite part of Birddogs pants is the cut. I struggle to find golf pants, which are not too high or too tight – a happy medium here. They are comfortable around the waist because elastic is manufactured. Most importantly, they taper them to the right places. I do not like tight pants because they are uncomfortable. Birddogs give you some more room around your thighs, and taper around your lower legs. So if you want to look more modern, but don't want your lower half sore, I think you'll enjoy them.

Birddogs Golf Pants Review

If you wear them to work or on the golf course, no one ever thinks that they are not specifically intended for any situation due to the fabric and design. If you are in an office and struggle comfortably, they solve that problem well.

wrapping it up

Overall, I am giving big thumbs up to Birddog shorts and pants. They are comfortable, versatile and functional. Despite my concerns about the underlying liners, I dig them.

Shorts range from $ 54.95 – $ 59.95 and pants range from $ 89.95. They are not cheap, but nothing expensive like other premium direct-to-consumer brands. Because you can wear them in so many different scenarios, I think they can simplify your wardrobe. For golfers, I think they add another layer of value.

Birddog offers free shipping and returns, so you can try them on a risk-free basis. One thing I did notice is that some of their styles go on sale, which are some of the costumes seen from a lot of growing apparel brands. I would love to get some other colors of their pants, but the many sizes and colors I want are back ordered – some to keep in mind.

You can learn more about Birddogs and buy their products Directly on their website.

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