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Clarity for consistent golf

There are always a few (or more) holes in every round where our game can go off the rails. Killing our maximum barrier number on any hole is a crisis for me and should be for you as well. I hate his maxim. So I am always looking for a way to build consistency on every hole. I was happy to be reminded of a great solution Todd Kolb, PGA Professional On USGolfTV Blog. he recommended Clarity of mind is the best solution for consistency.

A bad shot can often be corrected by one or two good shots to salvage an equalizer or bogey. One lapse in clarity for each shot can destroy your next shot. Just understanding that you have lost your focus that a bad shot is a good starting point Get your mind back on track for your next good shot.

Simplify your swing by clearing your mind to focus on the goal where you want your ball to fly. "See it in my mind's eye."

Understand what causes your last bad shot
Clay Ballard On Top speed golf, To check that our last swing has gone wrong, when we try to generate more power for greater distances:
– Setup with a 10 degree body to tilt your backside and hold it with impact.
– Hips and shoulders are important for backswing rotation distance.
– When you bend your trailing elbow in your backswing, load your wrist leg.
– As you swing from the inside, start with your hips.
– Drop your driver down to swing from the inside slot.

Each of these points should be made in your swing. Focus on making them all in your practice swing and Clear your mind.

Stare at your target and then hit that target line as you achieve your goal to lose your bull (until after impact).

You want to count "1,2" during your backswing (as you cock your trailing elbow to the gap) and "3" to your downswing (to block all other thoughts) as you Imagine swinging to hit your target line.

The clarity of your mind during your swing is to see the correct flight of your ball, which you need to think about. Putting requires clarity of the same confidence that you have chosen the correct line and swing-power to pass through the hole one foot. Practice with you GOLFSTR + For 6 swing fixes. Buy one today

PS: Golf LAW # 2:
Your best round of golf will be almost immediately after your worst. The probability of the latter increases with the number of people you tell about the former.


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