Create your mini-game-plan. GOLFSTR

Create your mini-game-plan

You can't lose control of your game after a bad shot. The best solution Refer to a mini check list to keep your mind in a relaxed state for your next perfect shot. In Wimbledon final Camera zoomed in Sarina Williams Reading his notes (Hidden from his towel) as soon as he came back between games. Jack johnson To keep your mind sharp reviews the list of knowledge notes. Now would be a good time to write a set of reference notes for future reference To help you improve your mind.

Many of the professionals have a coach or a caddy, who they rely on for tips to focus on. During a round of golf. I read it Payne stewart Father often gave him notes Before starting the crucial round in a tournament. You most likely don't have a coach or mentor, so don't go to the occasion like a business plan.

an objective: Set your goal to break 100 or 90 or 80. Get it

The Brooks Copka takeaway and WIDE backswing should be a great thought process.

Strategy: What do you need to do to reduce your score from 5 to 10 strokes?
– A right-handed layup on long approach shots for Green.
– Avoid taking 7 runs by playing a bad shot on the fairway.
– Make sure you land in the fairway.
– Avoid a slice by setting up with a strong grip (but not a tight grip) and swing with a flat wrist and fully interlace from the top.

Brooks is the No. 1 golfer to emulate Kopka. Swing leading branch directly from inside to finish the effect and a balance.

– Take your time in your backwardness to shift your weight
– Narrow your stance for wedge shots and widen your stance for tee shots.
– Check the position of your ball for each club, bend downward on your clubs for distance control or looping in your backswing to avoid top control swings.
– Minimize the length of your put before reading green, so that you can shoot any shot of green. Ground above the hole and roll down to the hole.
– Sand is your friend. Do everything you need to do to avoid 2 shots in the sand.
– 2 puts on each green is your goal. Firm through the hole with fewer breaks gives you the best chance to sink more put.
– Minimize the same routine for setup on every hit or put. Don't forget to take a deep breath before executing.

Select 1 to 3 of these points or make your points to ensure that you reduce your score. Write them on paper and examine them before playing or while you are waiting on the tee. For each hole track your performance by ticking for the fairways hit in the top left corner of the box, the tick in the top right for the Greens in regulation and the number of puts in the lower right corner. Track your record and you will improve your score.

Rule # 1: Eliminate missites by not over-swinging and make sure you finish your follow-through. Choose the club that will help you feel that you are standing in an easy position on every shot. Practice with GOLFSTR + For consecutive shots with a straight leading hand and a flat wrist gap as you shift your weight to the top of your swing. Do not rush it. Buy one today


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