Don't fall for the bat – you're never going to swing it like Rory!

Rory mcilroy trackman

The title of this article is a bit absurd. I'm sure most of you are thinking, "Of course I'm not going to swing this like Rory McIlroy!"

When it is published in this way, it is easy to come to that conclusion. However, if you've seen an article titled, Rory McElroy's 5 Keys to Rip Your Driver, many of you can't help but read. You want to know what the secret sauce is, and apply it to your game.

This formula has been used repeatedly by golf publications for decades. Whoever is the hottest golfer at the moment, gets a featured article, and you have promised to learn what they do. Usually, the information is kept very low and does not benefit your golf game.

Recently, when Rory Maclero won the FedEx Cup Cup and was awarded the Player of the Year on the PGA Tour, there was another flood of articles focusing on his driving ability, which is undoubtedly his greatest weapon. To me, this is a bit silly, but I understand why these articles exist. People are generally curious about what makes players like Rory so unique. But make no mistake, there is nothing you can learn from Rory as it relates to your golf swing.

He can do things with his body that any of you can do

There have only been two times in my life when I saw a golf swing, and my jaw dropped. Seeing Tiger as a junior golfer at first when he was winning several USGA amateur titles. The second time was when I saw Rory's first appearance in Carnival in 2007. I had never seen a swing that combined strength, speed, and grace the way it did. At the age of 18, he had a world class golf swing which is a combination of his natural talent and hard work.

Since then Rory's winning record is good. He also put a ton of work into his body, which makes him arguably the best driver of the golf ball we've ever seen.

I saw some of his Trackman stats on Instagram the other day:

Rory mcilroy trackman

Although some of these numbers may not make sense to you, they are correct. Short story – He is capable of generating tremendous speed, hitting the ball at the center of the clubface almost every time, and creates the optimal launch position for the golf ball to travel far and straight. When you see him on TV, it's hard not to marvel at his potential.

When you see Rory in person, it is quite surprising. They only have 5’9 ”and most tour players who are power players are much larger than them. So how does he do it?

The Title Expert Institute measured Rory's swing when he was a teenager using 3D analysis. Before he started working, his hip movements and the separation between his upper and lower body were off the charts compared to tour players.

Normal humans cannot do this. Most golfers sit at a desk all day and consequently struggle Mobility in their golf swing. This is why it is unrealistic to suggest that any recreational player should try to swing as Rory does (or any other player for that matter). Your body cannot move in the way it can. If you try, you are likely to get hurt.

Not much to learn from Rory, or any other tour player

If you are a student of the golf swing and are keen to learn that world class talent is so great, I don't think there is anything wrong with studying for their entertainment.

My point is when people challenge players like Rory and Dustin Johnson in front of regular golfers. You cannot take cherry-taking ingredients from their swing and apply it to others. It is not realistic, and it cannot make you a better golfer.

So whenever you see articles like this, my advice is to look in the other direction. They have been around for years, and likely the cycle will continue for a long time. It is nothing more than entertainment. It is not expected to apply to your swing!

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