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Ping Ji Le2 Full Set

Ping focuses on the second generation of high performance ladies, on speed and forgiveness

by Sabrina Nacarato

Ping Ji Le2 Full Set

The current golf equipment of adjustable and custom clubs is just a club for everyone in the world. And she does not exclude women in any way. And if there is someone who makes sure it is ping it.

Ping saw great success with Ping Ji Le line and due to this, he was ready to release the next generation, Zee 2 line. New revamped timber, hybrids, irons and punters have been given a new look which is centered around technology and forgiveness.

The G2L2 line is similar to the G410 device line that was released earlier this year, but the weight of the overall system is to help golfers easily hit these clubs without performing.

G Le2 driver

Ping Ji Le2 driverThe next generation of golf's highest performing Ladies driver is light, fast and more forgiving (3% more than the previous model). The G22 clubhead maximizes swing speed through the weight of a lightweight composite system to achieve speed, an aerodynamic head to reduce drag, and a thin face for fast ball velocity. Standard 11.5˚ loft is adjustable by using eight settings + -1.5˚. Premium performance without sacrificing

Aerodynamic shape
The head of the rounder 460cc is aerodynamic to speed up clubbed speed faster. Internal heel-biased weighting helps with right-to-left spin for striiter ball flights. The Soft Crown Turbulars help frame the ball at the address.

Fast face
A thin, ultra-strong T 9S + face enhances the deflection for the speed of the fast ball and with this lightweight, high-MOI head, the clubhead determines the distance by optimizing speed. Increased crown strengthens the structure of the head and aids in alignment.

Adjustment for scaffolding and lying
Trazury Tuning 2.0, in the G Le2 driver, uses a new lightweight, aerodynamic hose sleeve that provides eight places to affect the flight of the ball through the scaffolding (° 1.5 °) and according to the standard lie with 3 ° arc Makes adjustments

Head size: 460cc
STD Length: 44.75 "
STD scaffolding: 11.5 °
STD lie: 58.7 °
Stud swingaway: C2

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Ping Ji Le2 Fairway WoodG le 2 Fairway Woods

Easy Launching, Adjustment
By presenting eight-position loft adjustability, a thin, fast-engined C300 face and much higher MOI, the G Le2 Fairways make it easy to lighten, easy to launch, excel, and dial in your custom fit. With the internal load, which promotes the right-to-left spin to run the ball back on the line. Available in 3w, 5w, 7w and 9w

3 wood: std length: 42.5 ", std scaffolding: 19 °
5 wood: std length: 42.0 ", std scaffolding: 22 °
7 wood: std length: 41.5 ", std scaffolding: 26 °
9 wood: std length: 41 ", std scaffolding: 30 °

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G Le 2 Ironically

Ping ji le2 ironLight, long and straight
More precise and forgiving, G Le 2 iron uses CO-I technology and a top-rail undercut to increase face flexing and MOI to increase 10%. Depending on a light swing weight, the speed of the ball and the shot helps to move the ball forward together in the height. A co-cavity cavity ensures increased feeling and sound on the badge effect. Available 6 – 9, PW, UW, SW

6 iron: std length: 37.13 ", std scaffolding: 27 °
7 iron: std length: 36.5 ", std scaffolding: 30.5 °
8 iron: std length: 36 ", std scaffolding: 35 °
9 iron: std length: 35.5 ", std scaffolding: 40 °
PW: std length: 35 ", std scaffolding: 45 °
UW: std length: 35 ", std scaffolding: 52 °
SW: std length: 34.5 ", std scaffolding: 58 °

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G le2 hybrid

Fast, higher
A thin, hot carpenter 455 face and light overall overall weight quickly creates the speed of the ball, while a low, deep CG helps to launch the ball with a greater apology at a higher landing angle so that your shot is green Able to The Softer Crown Turbulator helps the driver find out the match. To increase your fitting opportunities, 4H, 5H, 6H and a new 7H are available.

4 hybrids: std length: 39 ", std scaffolding: 22 °
5 Hybrids: STD Length: 38.5 ", STD Scaffolding: 26 °
6 hybrids: STD length: 38 ", std scaffolding: 30 °
7 Hybrid: STD Length: 37.5 ", STD Scaffolding: 34 °

Ping Ji Le2 anser PuiterG Le 2 Porter

Feeling more, sorry
Enhanced looks and apologies and improves performance and fitting opportunities in a new adjustable length shaft new G Le2 putters. A dual-Duomet Face Insert provides a soft layer for precision, a firm layer for control. Easy-to-use adjustable shaft allows self-fitting for length between 31-35 and 35 ". A new, soft-looking PP59 midsize grip fits comfortably in the palms.

Puter type: blade
Ping Ji Le2 Shia PuiterIngredients: 17-4 stainless steel, dual-dualometer PEBAX insert
Standard Length: 33 "(Shaft 31" -35 33 adjusts)
Head weight: 345 grams
Stroke type: little arc

a type of tree
Puter type: mid-mallet
Ingredients: 17-4 stainless steel, dual-dualometer PEBAX insert
Standard Length: 33 "(Shaft 31" -35 33 adjusts)
Head weight: 355g
Stroke type: strong arch

Ping Ji Le2 Echo PuterEcho
Puter type: mallet
Material: Insert machined 6061 aluminum body, stainless steel sole, dual-douometer PEBAX
Standard Length: 33 "(Shaft 31" -35 33 adjusts)
Head Weight: 360gm
Stroke type: little arc and straight

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