Find the right landing zone for each approach shot

Find the right landing zone for each shot shot

Get up to par or even birdie, by locating the exact landing zone on your approach shots

by Sabrina Nakrato

Find the right landing zone for each shot shotRemembering green can often leave you with an uncertain chance of being up and down. You may have an iffy lie in the rough, you may not have the best look at the pin, or it may be a combination of some unfortunate circumstances.

Instead of throwing the towel in the right place, and best settling for the bogie, you can save the green by piercing the void in your landing area. I know what you're thinking is easier than done.

VP of Instruction, Nick Clearwater, shared a couple of simple tips to help him find the exact landing area to get the ball near each put range.

What is Hare telling you?

Find the correct landing area for each approach shot - Green ReadingEven if you are not on the green yet, you need to take a stroll on the putting surface and check the controls. Your most important benefit is to understand how your ball is reacting after the green is hit. You might see a break or a mound, which you don't have for 40-yards, which is a huge plus.

Once you have gone green, determine where you want your ball to land, and finally roll out. As you go back to your ball, keep your eyes closed at that location. Now, you must have a new perspective on what you need to play this shot.

If you do not hit the ball properly on your intended landing area, but it is close enough, it is perfectly fine. You have given yourself a better chance of making the one-put by getting the ball in the right common area.

If you are not sure if this tip is for you, Talk to a coach at a GOLFTEC near you today!

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