Game changer for your iron

Game changer for your iron

Many golfers back off when they swing their driver and then repeat the same problem with their irony. All drivers and fairway club swings mean To end in a balanced posture on your leading leg. Unfortunately the ball forward setup for your driver forces you to fall back if you run your arms through the swing. Using the same swing for its irony, is fatal. If you are falling in or out of balance for your drivers and your irony, then you need to change the swing.

Because you setup your ball to drive by lining your ball with the leading heel, it should be easy for your driver to swing in balance and on your front foot. During every swing, you are trying to make a weight shift from your back foot to your front foot.

Do not climb on your back foot, especially when you are using your irony.

Your swing should be made when you are swinging an iron So that your weight falls on your leading foot and your club keeps swinging down on the ball To take turf after impact with the ball. Unfortunately the iron is smaller and lighter than a driver, so we swing faster (with our arms), Before our weight is transferred to our leading leg,

Tricks to fix your iron swing
Our friends learned this trick from their Club Pro and gave it to my wife when they saw her running after her, when she finished her swing.

Place a bottle cap or a golf tee flat on the grass about 2 or 3 inches on your target line before your ball. Your goal is to allow your body to move its weight forward (during the transition at the top of your swing) To make sure you are swinging to impress the ball Without hitting the cap or tee Before your ball. Hitting the ball and then the turf will occur only when you transfer your weight to your leading leg and end your swing in a balanced posture on your leading foot.

If you practice behind your ball with a bottle cap or tee, you will Learn to slow down your backswing Allow yourself a little more time to move your weight forward during your swing. Of course you need to keep an eye on the ball through impact.

Practicing this down-stroke swing with your irony will save you a lot of shots for every round, giving you more consistent and longer hits. For your higher clubs such as your wedges, you will also see whether your ball checks up on the green fast or with a back-spin. Learn using all your iron shots GOLFSTR + For 6 swing fixes. Buy one today


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