Helping our veterans at GOLFTEC and everywhere

PGA Hope

GOLFTEC is involved in its annual charitable campaign in support of PGA HOPE

by Sabrina Nakrato

GOLFTEC is partnering with PGA HOPE to help our veterans through the great game of golf. Many of us use golf to relax and unwind and it is no different to the harrow of our country.

PGA HopeThe PGA HOPE (helping our patriots everywhere) introduces disabled military veterans to golf to enhance their physical, mental, social and emotional well-being.

The program is a branch of the PGA Reach, the charitable foundation of the PGA of America, which includes a 6-8 week course, trained by the PGA Professional in adaptive golf and military cultural competency.

Chris Novak, Military and Veteran Leeson for the PGA of America, stopped by GOLFTEC Headquarters to convince us how important this program is to him and veterans alike. He describes giving back a moment in time. At that moment the focus is on hitting the golf ball, not the shock experienced.

All programs are funded by PGA REC and if you want to help one Veteran at a time, now is the perfect time. From now until November 11, 2019, GOLFTEC is offering an After free lessons or club fitting you donate $ 50 or more to PGA HOPE.

To learn more about PGA HOPE, please visit

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