Hitting Striker T Shots Shots Golf Lessons

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Striker T Shot Shots Golf Lesson with PGA Professional Ascgolfguru Mark Crossfield helps more golfers around the world through their iPhone, iPad and Android Golf app. This golf tips swing video lesson is talking about killing Stratton Golf T shots and controlling your golf driver more. Make your best golf with Marc's simple and easy to follow golf tips and practice.


21 thoughts on “Hitting Striker T Shots Shots Golf Lessons

  1. Something I'm struggling with also. I seem to be having some success with this swing thought: hit the ball with the heal on the ground/toe up. Only way to achieve this is lower the hands. Thanks again Parfield! 😉

  2. The left hand coming away from the grip is my big problem. Just can't seem to stop it. tried gripping tighter etc but to no avail. even thought of tying my hand to the club!! any thoughts Mark?

  3. To the gentleman in this video. Another thing you can do to help yourself is get rid of that R1 driver you're using. Find something a little more forgiving on off center strikes. Like the ping g20,g25,g30 or titleist 913d2 driver. The R1 is a horrible fit for someone struggling to find the sweet spot. Everyone likes a little forgiveness when playing recreational golf! Have fun!!!

  4. Love the videos Mark. Watched "Golf Downswing Loss of Height Tip" with Steve (chello) and had plenty good pointers to work on. Coupled with this one it"s the cherry on the cake for me. Thanks! 

  5. Noticed my ball on the tee was tilted a bit right. When I hit it it went right. When tilted left it went left, forward it was a low shot, backwards it went high. Was I manipulating the shot or is there a relationship ? BTW When teed up perfectly straight, high long and straight. Just wondering Thanks.

  6. So true about the cricket . I've played cricket all my life and now trying to improve my golf and still feel it creeping in. As a batsman always taught to use the upper hand more left elbow nice and high. Hard to get away from. Brian Lara apparently use to play golf right handed so as not to effect his batting. sadly Im not that skilled

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