Is your 60% swing hitting your outlook?

Is your 60% swing hitting your outlook?

What is the best swing solution? Taking a full speed swing with an 8 iron or a slow swing using a 6 iron at 60% of your swing speed? Depending on the situation, both may be the correct answer but there is a problem that you must overcome. If most of your shots are made with your full speed swing, How do you download properly To hit a three quarter speed or half speed or quarter speed swing without opening or closing your club face and hitting your shot well past your target?

You won't feel it When you slow down your swing, Your hips, shoulders, arms and hands Should be firing continuously at the same rate with full enthusiasm. You cannot help when only part of your body comes out of sync but leave the face of your club open or closed. That's why you can see that the pros seem to swing all their clubs at about the same speed until they are close to the green. Also why did the pros use 4 different pitching wedges?

When your arms rotate at 85%, the release of your wrist produces a ripple swing motion.

Solution to maintain a full swing:

Want professionals to swing at their "normal" Full swing speed for CONSISTENCY. It is not at 100% or 90% of their swing speed. They are not trying to hit the ball with their top swing speed. They know that this will often guarantee a poor shot. They want to swing at their normal 85% swing speed for stability and control their wrist release speed (josh).

Professionals know when they are walking the distance between clubs. They must either stop their pace and risk a missit or they will adjust their club. They want to keep their "normal" swing speed and RHYTHM, So they rotate in clubs for short distances and swing at their normal 85% speed.

Solution to adjust for partial swing speed:

Like professionals Jason de Hit up to 600 balls in one day On non-tournament days. They require additional practice time to continuously drop their hips, shoulders, arms and hands for each motion, so that they can be used in different clubs for different clubs, keeping the same order and rhythm for each of their body parts. Need to hit. You don't complete this process ahead of time, so don't expect that you can get a variable swing the way they swing.

If you have to slow down your swing to cover a short distancePractice hitting with one Slightly open stance And More pressure on your leading leg to help you reach your normal impact position. Just focus on finishing your swing from the inside and straighten your goal line.

"Ball beating" in the driving range The Weeknd is crazy for Warrior. Practice different shots. Learn to take some draws, some fades, some full swing and half swing shots with your many clubs. Serve the balvester Learned to play every shot with 1 club When he was a young boy. This is a great example for all of us. Practice with GOLFSTR +. This is a great training aid for learning 6 swing solutions with controlled swing motion. Buy one today


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