Learn how to keep your clubfaces square through effect! Setup 4 Impact Golf

Here I show you the secret to keeping Clubfaces Square through the kind of secrets.

My setup 4 Impact Golf Method makes it easy to hit any golf shot. This is based on a simple setup change that helps you perform better next time. In the last 20 years thousands of people have followed this advice with success. Now it is boiled in the simplest form. Just setup 4 effects get started today!! https://learninggolf.tv

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I recently announced my new golf school site in Cincinnati, Ohio. I will be teaching in my 3-day schools during the summer months. More info at http://learninggolf.tv/3-day-golf-school/3-day-golf-school-cincinnati-ohio/

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Setup 4 Impact Golf Method can be fully adapted to meet your own personal needs without the need of special golf clubs.

Kirk has taught golf for 30 years now. Ten years of traditional golf He taught for Natural Golf Corporation, Single Axis Golf and Mo Norman Single Plane Golf Swing for Graves Golf Academy for many years. He currently teaches his setup 4 effect swing, in which the above all have similarities. The big difference is that the swing fits for every person with cancer.

Kirk Junge currently teaches in the summer months in West Palm Beach, Florida, Cincinnati, Ohio in the summer. Other locations are coming soon More info at http://learninggolf.tv/about-us/about-kirk-junge/

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