Make a three every time with this equal three strategy

This equals three strategies - make a three each time with the header

Play smart and make sure you have a strategy for every type of hole, especially equal thres

by Sabrina Nakrato

We talked Course Strategy and Management. This is a huge part of being efficient on golf courses and keeping large numbers at bay. Although it is helpful to have a game plan in your pocket and parallel legs to attack the big carry, are you ready when you reach three?

Even though the toes are the smallest holes, they are often the hardest. There are difficult bunkers, tattered flags, trees hanging and distances range from 65 to 200 yards. Par threes are anything but a walk in the park.

Know and adjust your shot pattern

Take care of your shot pattern before you start analyzing the hole and its quirks. If you slice or hook the ball, you want to consider it first and then adjust it according to the trouble surrounding the green.

This equals three strategies - make a three each time with the headerFor example, move the picture to the right; To the left of the green is a large bunker. If you hook the ball, you should aim more to the right. And if you miss the green and end up in the right fringe, it's not a terrible memory.

Nevertheless, when facing any trouble around the green, a para three is encountered, the safest bet is to go for the middle. Playing smart and leaving oneself with two-putts should always be the goal. When you start imagining and go straight for the pin, this is when doubles and trios come into play.

GOLFTEC's VP of Instruction, Nick Clearwater and Director of Teaching Quality, Brad Skupaka, play this exact par three in the video above and explain their strategy behind their approach to the hole. You can learn just a ton from their thought process and next time you apply to a three box tee box.

If you are not sure if this tip is for you, Find a GOLFTEC near you today!

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