McIlroy Agreed: Practice for Better Golf

McIlroy Agreed: Practice for Better Golf

How can you play better golf with less practice? The short answer is that practice can only help. If you Weekend Warriors and want to lower your score, You can find a better way to create consistency in your swing without better practice. If your income is not based on that of a scratch golfer, then face it Rory McElroy, You will never find time to improve your overall swing for every club. So what is the best way to improve your game?

I found a great article Augusta Golf Regarding the qualities of practice. Ben hogan Was famous for practice. This is the only way to become the master of any sport Swing technique, Power, Flexibility And Mental fortitude All contribute to your successful game. he was right If you want to lower your score with limited practice , break it 4 areas of focus in a logical plan.

Simple techniques like keeping your head down As you impress your ball. Star Really caught Rory in the perfect picture of perfection.

Technique: Let's face it, if you have a substandard swing and your technique is poor, you won't be able to consistently hit the golf ball with any of your clubs. you Take a golf lesson from a professional trainer. PGA instructors will set your game in the right direction and can easily pinpoint problems with your swing. You do not need to spend a lot of money to figure out how to improve your swing. Just understand your flaws and work on correcting your swing.

Ben Hogan's Club You did not have the technology present in the 10 year old clubs you are using today, so do not expect that a new set of clubs will solve all your problems. I recently saw a blog about "wind swings" where you practice your swing without hitting the ball. This is a good start but you really need to focus your swing path at the point of impact and hit a ball in the driving range to see the result.

Strength and flexibility:
Do not ignore this important step Develop your passion And Tolerance. If you do not have the strength and flexibility of a teenager you need Make some efforts to get in shape Or you will never be a good golfer. Golf is a sport that demands a lot from your body, so choose exercise to build yourself. Upper body and core. If you cannot develop a consistent rhythm and swing speed you cannot expect perfection from your swing.

Mental fate:
Tiger Woods A perfect example of a man who was committed and focused on winning in golf until his marriage was scandalized. He lost his "mental destiny". None of us will ever wield the skills and attitudes that Tiger once had, but we can improve our game at the same time that we build our confidence to create a more consistent game. A positive mental approach goes a long way to making a consistent hit. Rory McElroy Bounced back and it paid off with the bus $ 15 million and most likely 10 times that endorsement.

Love to read blogs Golf swing tips Will help you keep your mental focus on golf so that you can find the right formula for your game. Consistency, more power and confidence will lower your score. Practice with GOLFSTR + For 6 swing solutions. Buy one today


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