Never hit the ball down on the golf ball! – How to bike on the # 1 tip!

It does not matter that people hit you on a golf ball that will actually mess up your golf swing. In this video, I give you a golf tip, how to get a good dividend falling down on the ball. Yes you can play great golf without trying to hit the ball. Ensure membership of the channel and check the links below for special deals and discounts.

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29 thoughts on “Never hit the ball down on the golf ball! – How to bike on the # 1 tip!

  1. So what exactly are you thinking of when you strike the ball????? I know said hit it more shallow but show a video exactly how you should make contact with the ball

  2. If you take a divot after striking the ball, you're hitting down on the ball. Sure, this can be overdone and needs to be understood that down doesn't mean straight down or steep, it happens naturally, but that doesn't mean it's a bad thought.

  3. I'm so glad you covered this. Had a lesson other day and my local club coach told me to 'hit down' to get a divot. Inside, I'm like I don't know about – everytime I try hitting down it's like what you said will happen – lots of bad stuff. I just needed to turn more.

  4. Hi, I was wondering if you would consider the act of keeping the right elbow close to the body, for a right handed golfer, the second most important part of a golf swing, after a good grip?

  5. Now see this is why I call you coach because I have had so many people and it's the new ones that I introduce to the game they go off play with others come back to me and say hit down on the ball SMH now my Short Game isn't that great but I know better than that keep up the good work coach oh and by the way I have recommended people to watch you I think I'll be doing what I'm talkin about sometime thanks coach for all your tips lol

  6. Many who see this will thank you. Next myth please tackle the complete industry misunderstanding that…….F=M/A means club head speed. It does not. Acceleration and velocity are two similar but different applications of force.

  7. Hitting down means you’re catching the ball before the club reaches the bottom of its arc so it feels like you’re smashing the ball into the ground and it shoots off the clubface

  8. I am learning this as a new golfer from experience , i was told to hit down on the ball and ues the ball went longer , however this is because im smashing the guts out of it to try to get through the shot due to the over interaction with the ground and the steep angle forces me to hulk smash it lol, im going to try this today at the range thanks.

  9. I enjoy your videos but I think I’ll trust Butch Harmon, Jack Nicklaus, Tiger and the 100 of others that do and say “hitting down” is good. Even Jason Day (who is notoriously a clean picker) is trying to change his iron play by hitting down more.
    I think maybe a better point is don’t get steep at or from the top, That’ll dig ditches.

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