Never save more strokes by shortening your tendons again!

Stop wasting by short-drilling the puts

by Sabrina Nakrato

There is a saying that "100 percent short put does not go."

Do you know that it is really good that their puts at least make their way into the hole? a quality. Really no one should be surprised.

So what they are doing is very different from our amateurs? We look to Zac Lambeck, Director of Teaching Quality for that answer.

Take it back now

One of the biggest mistakes hobbyists make while struggling to reach the hole that occurs during a stroke. Usually they do not move the putter too far back, which may cause them to jump to the ball or they do not have enough oomph To get the required distance to the ball.

Stop wasting by short-drilling the putsSo because of this, Lambeck created this super simple drill to help you train your put stroke. All you need is your putter and three balls. First, place a ball about 10-feet away from the hole. Then, set the two other balls about one foot in front of and behind the first ball, but not directly in the same line as the first ball. Use those balls as a guide to how far you need to take your Potter forward.

Once you start training yourself to apply long strokes, the putts left low in the hole are going to be a thing of the past.

If you are not sure if this tip is for you, Talk to a coach at a GOLFTEC near you today!

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