Pixie Dust or Solid Plan?

I definitely have a miracle cure for me Bad shot And I'm sure you will too, but we know that's not the way life works. There is no shortcut and no golfer has ever missed ten strokes over his obstacle overnight. Excuse me! Here are some examples you can look to include in your plan:

  • I am going to do Data plan And take care of every round I play

  • I'm going to find three solids Drumming And do them twice per week

  • I am going to join Alignment rod Every time I hit the balls at the range

  • I will mix more Diversity In my Practice session

  • I am not committed to writing Practice plan And keep a record of each practice session with me

Now you don't need to include all of the above ideas in your plan, but one or two simple changes will give you a purpose and a simple Plan for progress As you move forward. Be creative and thoughtful. Once you have made a sound plan, write it down, indicate the date that the plan is ending, fully commit and enjoy the journey.

How are you going to improve it! Of course, if you need help creating a depth and sound plan for your game, then you know where to reach me.

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