SLICERS – Go Under It!

If you are one of those golfers who swing from the top making a boomerang slice, then get it. You can go under your ball and make 2 simple changes to get rid of that slice. A wide carry and a flat leading wrist will make all the difference. Natural golfers have a reckless swing. They don't have to hit the ball, they just drop their wrist and their ball flies to the center of the fair. You can too but you have to Pay attention to 2 simple points during each shot.

I recently watched a promotional video, "Reverse slice sequence" by Eric Cogarno Which sheds light on the common subject by most PGA instructors. Do not keep your leading wrist (Bending your hand backwards) because your brain will naturally try to close the club face by swinging on top of the ball and sliding upwards.

Changing old habits is not easy, but many professionals have discovered the best solution to break your bad habits that cause your slices. Make a wide takeaway keeping your head wrist flat, loop down the top Swing in And create your goal line. Yes, Don't get under the ball.

Step 1: Backing up with a higher planetary angle – During your take-away (rotating your shoulders and hips), turn your club straight along your target line and point your club blade straight up into the sky while keeping your leading wrist flat. Move your straight arm backwards and place your outstretched elbow down along your extended target line to indicate the grip end of your club.

It is an exaggerated view of a flat leading wrist and looping his club to swing downward from the inside with his goal line.

Step 2: Dosing on a flat (low) floor Cock to make a 90 degree gap angle with your club while keeping your leading wrist flat and in your leading hand. Tilt your club down on a lower floor and raise your target line up.

Your flat wrist is keyed up and down through impact at a lower level angle For the elimination of your slices.

Increased distance The appropriate release in your downswing will come from the sequence. Start with your hips, then release the gaps of your shoulders and finally your wrists as you whip your hands through the impact (in and up from your target line).

Your flat wrist is the key factor during your fall. One of the 6 swing fixes provided GOLFSTR + Have to Lose your prime business flat During your retreat.

This fix is ​​only designed to make you feel your flat wrist during your backswing. Ideally, you should do this several times in slow motion (the way Ben Hogan completes his swing). You can feel your wrist against the flat plastic plate. Then remove GOLFSTR + And make your full swing with a flat wrist from the inside and elevate your target line. Your piece will be gone forever. Buy one today

GOLF LAW # 4: Golf balls never play with trees. If one does, the tree is breaking one of the laws of the universe and must be pruned.


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