Slots – golf lessons from PGA Pro Mike Kingserud

PGA Professional Mike Kingsrud talks about the importance of finding the status shared by all the great ball strikers and visits the "Pro" slot. Mike uses the Orange Whip Trainer in his text to demonstrate how it helps golfers to realize and learn this important situation. Mike lives in Quinta, CA and is a Class A PGA Professional who has been teaching for 20 years and is a cat of a good player.


7 thoughts on “Slots – golf lessons from PGA Pro Mike Kingserud

  1. Thats a good question. Actually I mainly feel my left arm and shoulder on the downswing. I know the right hand can add power just before impact. This happens naturally. I try to stay away from any conscious right hand or arm feeling. So I would say its about 85% or more just along for the ride. Join our facebook page I give weekly golf tips. Orange Whip Trainer.

    Mike Kingsrud

  2. Sam Snead had a one plane swing. Mike Kingsrud has a two plane swing. Much different fundamentals are deployed to find the "slot" in thoe mechanics. I don't believe they are the same. I am a Hoganesque one planer and I have used the whip. I have had really good results with this teaching aid.

  3. @secretogolf I think the right hand and arm come into play late in the impact zone as you make contact. Hogan did say he wished he had 5 right hands. Try to feel a little play or release through impact, the feeling comes mainly from the right hand. With that said the downswing is still a left side dominant action.

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