Smart puts to sync more puts!

Smart puts to sync more puts!

Putting is a target sport. If you cannot control the direction of your Potter directly to your goal line, you will never be a great Potter. In all racket and club (golf, baseball, cricket) sports, every swing has an important point. This is the point of impact where the direction of your swing controls your success. Unfortunately the arc in the swing of your put stroke is limiting your success.

I just saw YouTube Strategy Video for Pickle ball. Control of the direction of your shot is the key to your line of launch angle and goal line success. Painting is even easier As in all you have to do is swing your club in the direction of your chosen target line (without worrying about a projection angle).

Kevin Na set a record for the Children's Open by sinking a 558-foot putt during Shriners Hospitals. A straight line swing was crucial to his success.

Rotation of your putter Everywhere Your body is the killer for every put swing.
Till here Dave stockton, A world-renowned instructor, advises that you can set your feet and hands in any way that makes your body feel comfortable as long as it helps you:
1 / Bottom-out your swing before impact To allow your Potter face to swing at the ball (forcing the ball to roll instead of skidding across the surface).
2 / Swing straight to your chosen goal line Shake your shoulders and allow your arms to freely swing your target line from the point of impact.

Problem habit for justin rose
Over the years I have seen Justin Rose being used to Tuck the sleeve of the shirt on her forearm under her arm pit for short sleeves and put. He chose to do this by forcing his trailing arm to tighten on his body and twisting the shoulder in his back. Unfortunately the tight trailing arm makes an arc in his put swing. I saw him suffer a loss in a critical, 4-foot, 18th hole, tournament last year, where he drew his put to the left. A tight trailing arm for your body Short chips Can help Your hips and shoulders rotate back and through the ball But it's a big mood to follow!

Green grain affects your put
Grass (the direction in which the grass layer is) has a small effect on the breakdown of your put as it slows near the hole. Look for the thick edge of grass around any hole. The rough edge (where there is a fringe of grass falling into the hole) is granulated downwards. The softer you will affect your putt stroke and the more grain break. On a 3 or 4 foot put you should put more pressure on the cleanly cut part of the hole as your ball will want to fall down on the rash or rough part of the hole. More than 90% is important in the story of the villagers, who belong to the singing department.

Practice putting it with the leading wrist closed using your GOLFSTR +. Rock your shoulders and free arms to swing straight at your target line. Buy one today

No matter how bad your last shot was, you must be inner peace knowing that the worse situation is yet to come. This law does not expire on the 18th hole, as it has a supernatural tendency to extend during a tournament, a summer and, eventually, a lifetime.


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