Want to drive now? A small driver can be a shaft key

Adjustable Drivers- Facts and misconceptions of club fittings

If you are struggling with T, then your driver's length can be a factor that is holding you back

by Sabrina Nacarato

Adjustable Drivers- Facts and misconceptions of club fittingsWhen you are shopping for cars, I think that you walk right and say "well, it looks great, I will fulfill it."

If you do this, then this is an interesting strategy. But what is more curious is how many people buy for the golf club. I know that a driver is not as expensive as a car, but you are making a great investment while buying a golf club.

Since many folks make mistakes in purchasing anything before testing, they often end up with ill-fitting devices that hinder their game. Which is the biggest inspection we see? Length of the driver shaft.

Go long enough?

We compare a lot of things to professionals, from their swings to what's in their bags. And when we look at their drivers, we usually see a similarity, the length of their driver shaft.

You may be surprised that the average driver shaft of most professionals is 44.25 in length, which is at least one inch smaller than your standard off-the-rack driver shaft. You must be thinking, "Will not a driver with a long shaft well?" For most golfers, this is the opposite.

Less and more consistent

Want to drive now? A small driver shaft can be key-incompatibleSo there is a reason that these small drivers go ahead, right? It all comes down to continuity.

By looking at the two pictures on the right, top image 45.25 The driver with the shaft is from. There is no consistent pattern, and because of this, the shaft is too long for that particular golfer. And because of that, I can guarantee the struggle with this golfer.

When we put this golfer in a small shaft, it is not surprising that its shot pattern became more consistent and concentrated. Hitting the center of the face will not only help control the shots which rarely find fairway, but you will also increase your distance.

Now, we are not saying that your shaft will completely change your long game, but will help to ensure it.

Between the length of the shaft and all the other different factors that form the structure of a shaft, find out what you need on your own, is almost impossible. The only way to tell what is best for you Try different shaft with the help of expert fitter.

For more information on why small shaft can help you to hit long shots, explain GOLFTEC's Nick Clearwater in the video below.

If you are not sure whether this tip is for you, Find a GOLFTEC near you today!

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