What's the deal with Hi-Two Wedge and can they help your game?

Hi what's the deal with tow wedges and can they help your game? - COG COMP

Hi-to-Wedge has been promoted there recently, but what are they, and can they help your game?

by Sabrina Nakrato

Doesn't it seem like there is something constantly new in the world of equipment being released every other week? And we, as consumers, need to be on top of everything. Okay, you may be onto something about the continued release of new technology, but I think some things should catch your attention more than others.

For example, take a toe nail. You can find this type of wedge by building almost every appliance, but what does this hi-toe mean in the world, and how does it differ from the three other wedges currently sitting in your bag? If you are asking this type of question, then you are a smart golf consumer and you come to the right place for answers.

Let's talk about the trajectory

There are many different skills involved in being a solid short game. The ability to get up and down from every type of landscape around the green and to be able to judge the need for all kinds of trajectories using different types of clubs. it is enough.

Hi what's the deal with tow wedges and can they help your game? - COG COMPSo when you are faced with a challenging shot, such as a low-flying wedge shot, it may not end up holding one of the traditional wedges in your bag. The reason for that? Center of Gravity (COG) or & # 39; Sweet Spot & # 39; Located in about five grooves below the nail. This causes the trajectory of the ball to move higher.

If you take the same challenging shot and attack it with a hi-to-wedge, you will see better results at the PG where the COG is located. COG can be found about seven grooves from the bottom, resulting in very short trajectories.

Hi what's the deal with tow wedges and can they help your game? - Hi-Two Wedge BackEquipment manufacturers can transfer COG onto high-way wedges by redistributing weight from the back of the club to the toe, so the long, & # 39; hi-toe & # 39; The reason for. & # 39;

Even though it is hard to keep the latest and greatest thing from equipment manufacturers, the type of technology we are making to help it play better golf is honestly quite fun! And if you want to add one of these sweet hi-toes to your bag, Find a GOLFTEC near you and schedule a wedge fitting!

If you are not sure if this tip is for you, Find a GOLFTEC near you today!

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