Work Advice in Golf? Put your head down

Why keep your head down is the most important advice - the right position

No, we are not kidding and yes, keeping your head bowed does not hurt your performance

by Sabrina Nakrato

Almost every golfer in the world has fallen prey to terrible golf advice. And if you don't, consider yourself lucky. There is a select group of people who constantly listen to the cream of substandard advice; It is a golf instructor. And in this Articles by Golf Digest, Top golf instructors were asked what the worst golf advice they were hearing was.

GOLFTEC's VP Instruction, Nick Clearwater, Had a lot to say on that subject But there was one that stuck us out.

Why keep your head down is the most important advice - the right position"All the ways you walk in a swing, & # 39; keep your head down & # 39; that's the worst advice you can give. Just look at the tour players. No one is trying to lean forward Is. Nobody. You are not hitting bad shots because your eyes are pointed, "Clearwater said.

I know what you're thinking, that's a stretch. But to expand on that topic a bit more, Clearwater is breaking down why keeping your head down is the worst advice you could possibly give to anyone in this exclusive video.

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