You are playing wrong teas! Besides, how to break 80

We played the role of Racquetra at 7000 yards I am encouraging myself to play more courses this year because I want to use my driver more often. But what does this round show that there are some serious issues arising due to lack of exercise or lack of swings.


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Drama was not so bad, but was not very good. The curriculum was new to me and with a little wind around 7,000 yards, it was particularly difficult to know where to hit the ball and on which pattern.

I dropped some shots on the back, primarily due to the issues of commitment, I slowed my concentration and I made some cardinal errors. These errors make double bogies. Double bogs hit your score if you play a single figure or are trying to break 80 for the first time.

I know what I have to do and I know how to do it. The main problem with us is that we have limited time. Therefore, whenever you compare the amateurs of people to the long game (outside 130 yards), then close your ears. We do not have time to hit the driving range and the chipping area, even for almost the same time.

It just shows that if you have some laughing rounds, then with some skill and small game you can come to the top in every round you play. Small game drama that is working!

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21 thoughts on “You are playing wrong teas! Besides, how to break 80

  1. That close up highlights that you are ‘committed’ through the ball, accelerate rather than decelerate. That’s huge.
    BTW Who’s the ‘cockney’ guy and where in London is he from? Sounds east to me but it’s a big city, and I’m a northerner from (near) Manchester and Liverpool, which is the team I support. Does he support West Ham or Arsenal? Maybe Leyton Orient or Spurs? Then there’s Charlton Athletic if he’s from ‘South of the river’. It’s a big deal in England, a bonding experience but many take it too far. No playa would do that. It’s not the way! Am I right?

  2. Thank you for always sticking to your guns and the core mission statement of this channel: helping us to play better golf and have more fun doing it by using the stress free golf system

    Much appreciated, Matt. You’ve helped my game far more than any other channel that’s tried to correct my swing pattern, stance, grip, etc. etc.

    Playing stress free golf, using the clubs that I’m comfortable with, dropping the ego golf and the driver when needed, the 666 system, increasing every holes par by one – these are all things you’ve given to us that have helped us be better golfers. Ty

  3. Don’t call me ‘boyfriend with that ‘whaddaplaya’ shirt on. It’s testing & I can’t concentrate on the ‘Way of the Playa Meditations’.

    Marcus Aurelius never used such attributive nouns (so I’m told as I’m not fluent in Latin or Ancient Greek, I’m relying on people to translate honestly and some words are ambiguous in meaning depending on context). Also, have you heard of Alex Jones and the ‘Turning the frogs gay’ comment? Well ‘Golf Sidekick is turning the freaking Playa’s gay’.

    I need to see you as a Marcus rather than an Alex. That should get my focus back. I’m not gay, nor homophobic, however, my boyfriend is out of control with both😉🤣. Sexuality is irrelevant on the golf course (and) as he doesn’t play. I need a Playa who’s female to be true to myself in every way.

    Anyway, as you used it as an ‘attributive noun and not just a ‘noun’, that took away the sexual connotations. But, unfortunately, we are conditioned to not recognise the difference as we’re not all English Professors. (I had to look up some of this). But knowledge is in keeping with the way of the Playa in my eyes. Curiosity is fun and that one word has caused some discussion. But you, as the locus of the Playa philosophy used it in such stoical terms, it worked. You like the ladies (which is generally reciprocal) but if you don’t, that’s cool.

    You’re using golf to teach stoicism. It’s mind blowing and a great addition to my life. Thank you. Now go and make videos to keep people going off logos. That’s your role. I know because you’re good at it. 100k subs by 2020. Ps I know a lot depends on time and thus you can’t devote all of it to social media sharing your content with a bigger audience and growing the channel, but steady growth is growth and also sustainable. Two words synonymous with Playa’s👍🏼 Khop Khun Khap🙇🏻‍♂️🙏🏼. 👍🏼.

  4. Matt, love the vids. Got a question for ya. I’ve been playing a standard set of irons for several years as a mid handicapper. However I am 6’7. What are your thoughts/opinions on tailored clubs? Is a fitting really necessary and does it improve playa’s games? Thanks.

  5. After playing with you I understand more why I should be playing the middle tee

    Must work more on my swing speed to gain more distance to play longer tee


  6. I am usually about a 100 stroke hacker. I took your advice and went at it yesterday.
    Went for bogeys, not really any Fs given. I lost my first ball and laughed it off.
    Ended up at 84 just being super chill and trusting my swing and practices. Layed up on holes for better chips. Actually managed some holes.
    Never took out clubs I don't trust. Mates had more fun because I wasn't sulking about bad hits.
    Thanks playa!

  7. Went into a fairway bunker today, as I stepped up to start my routine, I suddenly started to hear the rocking beats you play, inside my head, swooosh, pin high baby, love your vids man.

  8. You are correct sir. PGA tour courses will make golf miserable for many people. Btw, love the "voice over, golf theory" format. Keep it up. – best of luck.

  9. Really makes no difference, honestly. Unless you just happen to be bad with the driver and the low irons.
    Anyway, I'm getting my moneys worth and playing from the blues. It's not the yardage that makes a PGA course hard.

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