Your smash factor can make you happy

Your smash factor can make you happy

Every golfer wants to hit the long drive straight down the fairway. New tools can help but If you're not growing Robbery factor, You are not getting the most from your existing clubs. The maximum PGA smash factor is 1.5. This means that a golf club can only be designed Give you 50% more ball speed Close your driver's face compared to your club head impact speed.

Golf Digest reported to Jean Parent (Golf Laboratories) The result of the test is using his swing robot which is nicknamed Iron byron. According to Trackman, the average male amateur swing speed for 214 yards is 93.4 mph. Using the "optimal" distance of the trackman, The average golfer has a capacity of 255 yards At the same swing speed. how? By hitting the ball more solidly, or known as your "smash factor".

The balls and gloves you use, the copper bracelet, the socks, the shoes and the lead-lined underwear you are wearing may make you feel better or more confident, but the driver's design will give you up to 50% more ball speed. Limited to give. There are only 3 ways to increase distance with your driver.

Iron Byron gave us the right test result for the right swing up to the goal line.

1 / Speed ​​up your swing Will give you a driving distance of up to 2.5 yards for a swing speed of every mph. Your lagging wrist release gives you extra speed.

2 / Direct impact at right launch angle. If you are impacting your ball and creating a counterclockwise rotation at 3500 rpm, your ball will be trying to take energy from your potential distance and climb. if you Hit your ball at an upward angle to make a 2500 rpm clockwise, You will optimize the action of cutting through the air. Topping the ball drives it to the ground.

3 / Effect on the center of your club's face The optimized trampoline will power your ball for maximum distance to produce the effect. The center hit will take your ball away from your target and steal distance from your drive.[Spray[Spray[स्प्रे[SprayDr. Sholay Foot Powder On the face of your club to check its effect. Seems to perform better from bottom to top of centerline. As i see it may not be very important Tiger Hit his driver "off the deck" with the amazing low shot that was ahead that he could hit with his 3 wood. [I don’t have all of the answers as I am just reporting what I see and hear from the announcers.]

Your goal is to achieve the perfect smash factor. Practice with you GOLFSTR + With 6 swing fixes to improve every swing in your game. Buy one today

The higher the hand of a golfer, the more qualified he sees himself as an instructor.


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